The Wheeler Family

Farmers, teachers, naturalists, observers of curiosities large and small


So, why are a couple of marine biologists growing mushrooms? A long time ago, while living on the coast of Oregon, we had a Thanksgiving dinner prepared from local ingredients: foraged chanterelle mushrooms, smoked elk, tuna, cattail shoots, and wild greens. It tasted great, and made us feel more connected to the land. We want to help provide a similar experience for others — great tasting, local food with a story.



Ernie Wheeler


Ernie heads up the work for Borrowed Land Farm. He also takes on most of the homeschooling for their two sons, ages 11 and 9.

He (thinks he) has a great sense of humor.

Ernie at Scales

“great sense of humor”

Cathy Wheeler


Cathy teaches college biology and still finds time for farm work, taking the lead on spawn production in the lab. She is easily amused.

          Cathy and chick “easily amused”