Borrowed Land Farm’s Shroom Cube! mushroom grow kits allow you to grow your own mushrooms at home.

The oyster mushroom varieties we use are tree oysters (Pleurotus ostreatus) that we cloned from wild specimen collected in the Piedmont of North Carolina. The two that we are currently producing, Pilot Pearl and Kavan, have proven themselves to be very productive, sturdy, and delicious. The Shroom Cube! itself is a 7″x7″x7″ block, weighing 5.6 pounds. It is fully colonized and ready to fruit. You can expect it to fruit at least three times, the first within two weeks, then spaced about 7-14 days apart. You should get a total of approximately two pounds (or more) of mushrooms over the course of those three fruitings! 

Our lion’s mane (Hericium erinaceus) oyster variety is also a native, cloned from a specimen collected on our farm at the base of Pilot Mountain. It has been a vigorous producer of delicious and healthy mushrooms. You can expect at least three fruitings, and maybe more. The lion’s mane doesn’t produce as much total weight as the oysters, but they are very meaty mushrooms, and the entire mushroom is edible.

Pioppino (Agrocybe aegerita) is not native to North America, so the strain we are using is not native, but it is a great producer, and the mushrooms are incredible. These Shroom Cubes will produce 2-3 fruitings, totaling 1.5 pounds or more of these highly-prized, sweet, nutty, and crisp mushrooms. Perfect for risottos and stir-fries!


IMG_20171005_082447      mike lion's mane IMG_20171204_100549  mike oyster   IMG_20171001_095944         IMG_20171007_100511

One pound cluster from Shroom Cube     These two king trumpet mushrooms are seven inches tall.


If you have purchased a Shroom Cube mushroom growing kit and want some additional guidance on getting the most out of it, we have a “getting started” video linked below, and we also have additional information in a downloadable pdf. Click on the following links to view or download, or feel free to ask us questions via either the “contact us” page or by email to

Oyster Shroom Cube extra information

Pioppino Shroom Cube extra information 

Lion’s Mane Shroom Cube extra information

King Trumpet Shroom Cube Instructions